Lego System Set 699

Jason Thee Collector


One of the cooler things that I got recently was this Lego Systems boxed set from the late 60s. You may notice the name is "Lego System" which was later changed to just "Lego" as we know it today.

The set was originally released in the early 60s and featured alternate artwork on the back showcasing some of the branded content they had licensed. In this case the original gas station on the back was Esso, however, it was changed to Shell in the mid 60s as their licensing changed. Some of these truck sets even come with a Shell tanker (or Esso on the earlier sets), however the branded truck for my set is Philips... to be honest, I don't know if thats rarer or not. Still some research to do. ..... as such, I have not set a price for this one.... yet

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