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I've spent the majority of my time on earth collecting things. It's in the blood and I decided early on not to fight it. If you're reading this, you may know exactly what I'm talking about. It quite possibly is an illness, however, the enjoyment I get when I find that elusive 45 or rare Star Wars figure is worth it.

Discover Thee Collector, a trusted dealer of vintage toys and vinyl records for over 30 years

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When I started collecting in my late teens, I used to buy complete collections of records and toys. The plan was to keep what I wanted and sell the rest to folks who needed them, thereby getting what I needed and funding my next purchase. Things haven't changed much over the years. I'm still collecting and still selling what doesn't fit my collection.

1993 - I opened The Cubbyhole Record Shop in the lobby of an apartment building...I was 20

1994 - I started my first WYSIWYG Web Site for "Go Toys" and started selling and trading toys across the world. This was the days of Money Orders. Online payments had not been invented yet.

1998 - PakRatz Toys was born and was an influental collectibles shop in Ontario for the next few years. It started out as a partnership with a fellow dealer and friend, however, we parted ways around the turn of the century and I re-opened PakRatz right downtown Hamilton.

2004 - I started working for "the man" and began a 15 year career in IT that came to an end in December 2019. The whole time I still kept up with both the Vinyl and Vintage Toy scenes.... both collecting AND selling

2019 - NOW - It's a new decade and time to shift my focus back to my original passion, bringing 30 years of experience to a business I started back in 1993 in the lobby of an apartment building.

In this digital age, people generally don't need to look far for music as long as they have their phone and internet service. However, I prefer the old days where you needed to go out and find the good music. For those of us who collect and DJ vinyl, this method never went out of style. In fact, I think it's getting more and more popular.

I only spin vinyl 45s at my gigs (thus my "DJ" name The 45 Selector) and I try to make sure they are all original pressings. At the end of the day, my goal is to provide a fantastic musical experience but in a way that makes use of my collecting hobby and differentiates me from today's Serato & Macbook DJ's.


Before the pandemic I had a party called Steel City Soul Club and currently DJ Boss Chops and I have revived our Ram Jam (Reggae & Soul) party that takes place every month or so. I have also started a new night called RIGHT ON! which is 100% 70's and all at 45rpm!

If you're interested in booking me for a gig, or would like to collaborate on a night, please email me or check out my website