1964 Weird-Ohs Helmet (Ideal)

Jason Thee Collector


So, have you ever been at a Toy Show and something you see absolutely blows your mind and you need that particular thing in your collection or else the whole day is ruined? Possibly even the whole week? Yeah, that's how I felt when I found this 1964 Weird-Ohs Race Helmet a month ago at the Ancaster Toy Fair. Before that show, I had no idea they even existed, but I also knew it was one day going in my collection

These were made as part of the increasing popularity of the Weird-Ohs model kits made by Hawk in the early 60s. The kit's featured grotesquely misproportioned characters (think Rat Fink) racing cars, motorcycles, surfing, playing instruments and more.... This particular piece was made by Ideal, who was a pretty big deal back in the day, however, there are NOT a lot of these still around today....with the box they can reach four figures, but this one has been previously enjoyed so was obtained for considerably less (although some may consider what i paid, considerably MORE than they would).

This one is most certainly NOT for sale...