New Look, Who Dis?...

In order to continue providing customers with the same high quality products and service they have become accustomed to, I have made the decision to remove the online toy store section of Thee Collector's website.

It was a hard decision as I had put a lot of work into it, however, selling at local toy shows and super quick turnover to regular customers has made it increasingly difficult to keep the online shop up to date and when you add the ever increasing cost of shipping in Canada, it's become prudent to "shut'er down" for now. I have been "toying" with the idea of a more heavily curated "boutique" style shop in the new year.

If you want the skinny on new stuff I've discovered, please follow my Instagram & Facebook page (links up in top right corner!) or having a browse through the What's New section (the 4 latest posts will always be here on the main page below...)

Oh and for you vinyl junkies, I will still be selling my vinyl online through Discogs, so please use the link HERE or at the very bottom of the page to see what goodies I'm selling today!

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